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Regional park


The Regional Natural Park of Corsica was created on 15 May 1972, including most of the mountain and 80 km of coastline, it stretches over 350 000 ha and 140 communes. Park creates and maintains all tag trails of the island. In addition to major routes such as the GR 20, the Mare e Monti, the Mare a Mare, he made a small network of trails allows pleasant walks.
These trails often borrow the communication channels of Corsica and connect the traditional villages of Alta Rocca them.They are accessible and usable throughout the year. Organized in loops 2 to 5 hours, they offer a lot of diversity, both at the landscape level (chestnut, rivers, waterfalls, oak) and cultural heritage (chapels, ovens, mills, old houses shale or granite ...).In addition to guidebooks on the trail, on request Park offers a range of leaflets on country trails. Maison d'information du Parc Naturel régional de la Corse - 2, rue Sergent Casalonga - 20184 Ajaccio - Tél. 04 95 51 79 00 -

Nature is a fragile area. To maintain the quality of landscapes, please comply.

• The movement of motor vehiclesis prohibited outside of the tracks.
• Camping is prohibited in the whole island; bivouac areas are arranged along the GR 20, near shelters.
• Forest fires are a scourge in Corsica. Beware of fire! The most extreme precautions are required. In times of drought or high winds, the hills and the forest must be approached with the utmost caution; fires are prohibited.
Respect sites: do not give up or throw trash, do not cut branches or flowers.

Corsica has a strong image of the natural and unspoiled nature all want to keep.

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